***Where to buy used radios***

http://www.karl.or.kr/bbs/board.php?bo_table=comm_2  Only KARL members can list here and non-members are read only.



If you find radios you are interested in, you may want to call and meet him in person to buy the radio.

Ebay sells low cost Chinese radios which will require radio inspection to get a permit.

See http://foreigner.karl.or.kr/index.php?mid=how_to_operate about radio inspection.

Many Korean hams buy Chinese radios from Ebay or Aliexpress and get inspection to use in Korea.

***Ham Related Internet Sites***

http://www.kdxc.net/ is the Korean DX Club homepage. HL1IWD, kops@hanmail.net, is the chairman and he speaks English well.

http://oldradio.co.kr/index_01.php  Old radios enthusiast's club. Mostly tube type radios are discussed here. Many English speaking members are in the club.

       Ask for a membership to HL1FB (yonglee at yonsei dot ac dot kr) if you are interested.

http://cafe.daum.net/OLDNEWRADIO Old and new radio enthusiast's club. Almost no English speaker is in the club.

http://www.qrp.kr/ Korean QRP club.

http://www.koreacwclub.org/ Korean CW club.

https://w2vla.wordpress.com/ https://6k0fm.net/ are homepages of Korean SOTA(Summit On The Air) club in English & Korean.

http://cafe.daum.net/d-star is the Korean D-star users group homepage.

http://cafe.daum.net/magicsixmeter/r1R/369 is the 6m club homepage.