***Electronic Stores in Korea***





These sites are in Korean language and most of them sell via mail.  I myself, HL1FB, use www.eleparts.co.kr often to buy parts by mail. It takes about 5 days to arrive by mail. You may need help from someone who understands Korean language to order parts.


There are many electronic part stores at the basement(B1) of ETLAND(전자랜드) in Seoul.

To visit there exit gate #5 of metro line #4 Sinyongsan(신용산) station. 

As soon as you exit, go straight 300m through an underpass. As you exit the underpass, look left direction.

About 300m away you will see the ETLAND. On your right direction, there is a building(선인상가) with many computer parts stores and a few ham shops on the ground floor triangle-shaped parking area.

 You can buy ICs, resistors, capacitors, tools, cables, connectors, etc at the basement floor of the ETLAND.

Dongshin Electronics(www.ds-parts.co.kr), store number B11 & B18 of ETLAND basement has many electronic parts.

This is an one-stop shopping place for small electronics projects. Many students come here to buy parts for kits.

 Upstairs of the ETLAND there are many electronic product stores.


At metro 'Jongno 3-ga' station (metro line #1 and #3 crossing), exit gate #12 and proceed(east) about 200 meters, you will see a building written 'Marketcity Sewoon' on your right. The building is an electronic market and on the left and right side of it you will find two more electronc department stores facing Cheonggae-chun street.  At and around these department stores you will find many small shops with tools, coax cables, connectors, switching mode power supplies and electronic parts new and used.


http://kj-junpa.com in Seoul has RF connectors and cables. You may call them in Korean and order online or you may visit them.

They have two stores, one in Jongno 3ga and another at Yongsan electronic market, ETLAND basement(store number A65).

http://www.connecter.com/ is another place you can order connectors by phone. They are located at Guro-gu in Seoul.

TMS RF Co., Ltd is the official distributor of Times Microwave who makes the popular LMR series cables.

They sell LMR400 cable at 2900KRW($2.60USD) per meter. They also have other types of coaxial cables.

You may visit or call them in Korean and deposit into their account and asked them to send to you by parcel post.

 Address: 985-23 Whagok-dong, Gangseo-gu,  Seoul, Korea (서울시 강서구 화곡동 985-23)

 Tel : 82-2-2659-1835   Fax: 82-2-2659-1837  Mail: tmsrf@tmsrf.com  WEB: http://www.tmsrf.com

At metro line #2 and #3 crossing(Euljiro 3ga) station, there are aluminum pipe stores at and around exit #6.

They sell many different sizes suitable for building antennas.

Address is 중구 을지로 3가 143 신진 알미늄 and phone is 02-2266-5245.

Copy and paste '중구 을지로 3가 143' at a google map, you will see the location.

Near there you may also find stores that sells clamps, u-bolts, bakelite board and other hardwares necessary to build antennas.

Also look at site http://cafe.daum.net/magicsixmeter/r1R/369

Please look at below for electronic parts stores in Seoul.