***Equipment Restriction***

In Korea only the equipments listed in the station permit (license) can be used for amateur radio activity. This regulation started in 1950's when Korea first opened amateur radio and has been continuing till today due to the fact that spies from North Korea have been communicating using HF CW mode. 
Nowadays internet, facsimile, email, and cellular phone can be used for spy communications, thus restricting amateur radio equipments does not help stopping spy activities. KARL has been asking our government to abolish the requirement but it has not been realized yet. Almost all amateurs in Korea use any equipment they can get regardless of this law and government has no intension to enforce the law. So many amateurs in Korea call it a dead law. Amateurs from overseas often embarrassed due to this requirement however once they get an operation permit in Korea they are free to choose their own equipments. KARL is trying very hard to abolish this restriction.