There are five different amateur radio license classes in Korea.


1st class ; All bands and all modes, 1000W maximum output power.

2nd class ; All bands and all modes, 200W maximum output power.

3rd phone class; Above 20MHz and below 8MHz, all modes except CW, 50W maximum output power.

3rd CW class;  Above 20MHz and below 8MHz, all modes, 50W maximum output power.

4th class;  Above 30MHz, voice only, 10W maximum output power.


The 4th class requires no test, only 8 hours of lecture participation.

Understanding Korean language is required to attend this lecture.


Anybody who passes a license test will not be automatically issued a call sign.

Our system requires two steps to get a station permit(call sign).

After getting a license you need to apply for a station permit to get a call sign.

Then a station permit with a call sign will be issued.


Of course foreign amateur radio license holders who already have call sign can submit their license and get  Korean permit.

Please look at 'Permit Application' in this website for detail.