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Nationwide1601.png Above photo shows our nationwide repeater network.

88.5Hz tone is always required.

If you use any of these repeaters in the photo, it will be broadcasted through all these repeaters.

These repeaters are connected by radio frequencies, not by internet.

434.500 +5.0 means you receive on 434.500MHz and you transmit on 439.500MHz.

The repeaters below in the network are U/V cross band repeaters.

431.780 Simplex

144.520 Simplex

So you just receive and transmit on the same frequencies with 88.5Hz tone.


***Other Repeaters***

           Repeaters below are located at the eastern corner of Seoul on the summit of a 535m high mountain. These repeaters can be accessed with a

               handie- talkie when someone operates on high floors of a tall building facing east direction in most parts of Seoul. To pin-point this

               repeater location, cut and paste '경기도 광주시 중부면 검복리 산99-1' in your google map. You will see the repeater location in the map.

     VHF : Repeater transmits  145.440MHz and receives 144.840MHz with 88.5Hz tone.

    UHF : Repeater1 transmits 434.500MHz and receives 439.500MHz with 88.5Hz tone. *** This repeater1 is connected to nationwide repeater network above.***

            Repeater2 transmits 434.640MHz and receives 439.640MHz with 88.5Hz tone.  *** Use this one for most communications with 100km radius.

            Repeater3 transmits 433.920MHz and receives 438.920MHz with 88.5Hz tone.  *** This is an Echolink repeater and can be connected to the worldwide

                                                                                                                                 Echolink network.(Temporarily down 9/17/2016)

 ***New Foreign Language Repeater(DS0KBK)***

           This repeater transmits on 434.840MHz and receives on 439.840MHz (88.5Hz tone required).

           It is located at the same location as the above repeaters. 

           This repeater is connected to IRLP node #8282.

           All foreigner hams in Korea are encouraged to use this repeater.

           This is not an English language repeater, it is a Foreign Language Repeater.  

           Foreign hams can also do QSOs here in Korean language as well as any other language.

           At 9PM, every Wednesday, we do round table QSO exchanging information about ham radio.

***Other repeaters around Seoul in Gyeonggi-do

          Anyang city; Repeater transmits 439.560MHz and receives 434.560MHz with 88.5Hz tone. Located on a 400m high mountain top.

               Coverage is about 70km radius around.

          Songtan area(Pyeongtaek city near K55 airport); Repeater transmits 439.440MHz and receives 434.440MHz with 88.5Hz tone.

               Located on a 100m high mountain top. Coverage is about 30km radius around.

          Pyeongtaek city; Repeater transmits 439.400MHz and receives 434.400MHz with 88.5Hz tone. Located on a roof of a three story building

               in the city.  Coverage is only downtown Pyeongtaek city. Mostly taxi drivers use this repeater. 

          Yong-in city; Repeater transmits 145.200MHz and receives 145.800MHz with 88.5Hz tone. Located on a 300m high mountain top near Yong-in University.

               Coverage is about 100km radius around.

There is no 29 or 50 or 1300MHz repeater in Korea.

Attached Rptrlist.docx is the repeater list. Some repeaters in the list may not be in service.

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