Amateur Radio News/Events by HL1FB, revised 5/27/2017

***KARL ARDF Annual Contest
Date: June 10, 2017, 9AM -
Place: Sungnam elementary school in Chun-an city(충남 천안시 동남구 성남면 대흥신덕길 95)
If you want to run at the competition please call 02-575-9580 and ask for Angela Park.
Deadline for registration is June 8, 2017.

***2017 FCC license test was coducted on May 21, 2017 at the new KARL building in Yongin city.
Out of 17 applicants, 16 passed the test(10 technician, 3 General, 3 Extra).

***KARL moved to a new location in March, 2017   
New address is
        Korean Amateur Radio League

      KARL Building 2F, 1584 Jungbu-daero,  Cheoin-gu, Yongin-city,

      Gyeonggi-do, Korea, Zip17144

      Phone number is the same as before.

***2017 FCC License Test in Korea
          Date:  May 21, 2017  9AM
          Place: New KARL office building in Gyeonggi-do, Yongin city
          Apply to 
          Application deadline: March 30, 2017
        Application fee:$15USD payable at the exam site on the day
        For detail, email to HL1FB        yonglee (at) yonsei (dot) ac (dot) kr
        Koreans hams take this test because US does not have reciprocal ham license treaty with Korea.
        Korea accepts any foreign ham license and issues permits to operate in Korea.
        But to operate a ham station in US, Koreans should pass FCC test. has more infos.

***New Foreign Language Repeater(DS0KBK)***

****Note:  Tone frequency is changed to 100Hz from 88.5Hz on 1/16/2017 due to interference problem.

           This repeater transmits on 434.840MHz and receives on 439.840MHz (100Hz tone required).

        ****Ham operator should receive 434.840MHz and transmit 439.840MHz with 100Hz tone. DON'T BE CONFUSED.****

           It is located at the same location as other Seoul area repeaters on the 535m high Namhansansung mountain top.

           Its coverage is about 50km radius from Seoul. A handie-talkie can be used to access this repeater at almost anywhere in downtown Seoul.

           This repeater is connected to IRLP node 8282.(9/17/2016)

           All foreigner hams in Korea are encouraged to use this repeater.

           This is not an English language repeater, it is a Foreign Language Repeater.  

           Foreign hams can also do QSOs here in Korean language as well as any other language.

           This repeater is turned off from 01:00 to 07:00 everyday.

           For detail about repeaters in Korea,  please look at 'Information' menu at this site.

***New 2m repeater in Seoul area, 9/17/2016

        This repeater transmits on 145.440MHz and receives on 144.840MHz (88.5Hz tone required).

           It is located at the same location as other Seoul area repeaters at 535m high Namhansansung mountain top.

           Its coverage is 100km or more from Seoul.

          This is not a foreign language repeater. Anybody can use this repeater.

          Many amateurs driving taxi use this repeater.

***All foreign hams applying for Korean permit can use their non-Korean type approved equipments

                           without inspection within a period of one months(one month permit).

      This is an addition to the existing radio regulation and it is effective from July 1, 2016.  

      To get a Korean permit of five years, non-Korean type approved equipments have to be station

                           inspected as before(five year permit).

       Foreign hams can choose to apply for one month permit or five year permit.

       See 'Permit Application' menu for detail.

***New Year's Day Contest on 1/1/2017

        Time: 1/1/2017  00:00-24:00 KST

        All mode and all band can be used but 40m SSB and 2m FM are the most popular.

        Message to exchange is RS(T) + KDN number

        KDN(Korean District Number) is in the 'Information' menu.

        All hams within Korea are welcomed to participate.

         To submit your log, contact or call Ms. Park at 02-575-9580.

****Congratulations to HL1ZIX(Derek Royce Fichtner) who won the first place(Mixed SSB) at the 815 Independence Day Contest.

         He had 48 contacts at the contest on 8/15/2016.

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