Amateur Radio News/Events by HL1FB, revised 8/4/2016

***There will be a 815 contest on 8/15/2016(national indepence day).

Date & Time: 8/15/2016      00:00 - 24:00KST

All bands & all modes can be used but 7MHz SSB & CW and 144MHz FM are the most popular.

145.000MHz is the calling frequency at 2m band.

Message to exchange is RS(T) + KDN(Korean District Number).

KDN list can be found at 'Offical Form' menu in this site.

One QSO will be counted as one point. Only QSOs among Korean stations will count.

All stations within Korea are welcomed to participate.

***New Foreign Language Repeater(DS0KBK)***

           This repeater transmits on 434.840MHz and receives on 439.840MHz (88.5Hz tone required).

           It is located at the same location as other Seoul area repeaters at 535m high Namhansansung mountain top.

           Its coverage is about 50km radius from Seoul.

           All foreigner hams in Korea are encouraged to use this repeater.

           This is not an English language repeater, it is a Foreign Language Repeater.  

           Foreign hams can also do QSOs here in Korean language as well as any other language.

           At 9PM, every Wednesday, we do round table QSO exchanging information about ham radio.

           For detail about repeaters in Korea,  please look at 'Information' menu at this site.

***All foreign hams applying for Korean permit can use their non-Korean type approved equipments

                           without inspection within a period of one months(one month permit).

      This is an addition to existing radio regulation and it is effective from July 1, 2016.  

      To get a Korean permit of five years, non-Korean type approved equipments have to be station

                           inspected as before(five year permit).

       Foreign hams can choose to apply for one month permit or five year permit.

   To find out if your equipments to use in Korea are type approved or not, please inquire to 

                          with manufacturer name and model number of your radios.

       See 'Information' menu for detail.


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